Restorative Schools Vision Project speaks with Michelle Ho

Parental Review of Restorative Schools Vision Project

Restorative Schools Vision Project speaks with Martin Ramirez

Restorative Schools Vision Project speaks with Dan Sackheim

“I feel the knowledge I received from the workshop will allow me to create a peaceful environment for the youth I tutor…[they] will be able to open their hearts and minds and that is where peace and learning will be able to happen.”
Edgar, college student
“I wonder what would happen if we could take this message to every child, to every adult throughout our community and nation? Would we experience hope and healing and an end to alienation and violence?”
social worker
I leave here feeling refreshed and re-energized as I enter my thirteenth year of working in public schools. I now have not only new tools, but I feel like I have a whole new toolbox!
Rachel, elementary school teacher
The greatest gift this workshop has given is bringing the Restorative ethics and values to my school’s administrative team. I feel we now have a common language and…have gained a deeper understanding and respect for slowing down and listening. I just want to bring these tools to my school so our community can see their many gifts.”
Victoria, social worker
“This new perspective on how to manage difficulties in relationships will influence how I relate to the communities I work with by making sure I listen and understand first. I hope that by equipping students, parents, and teachers with these skills and perspective, we will all learn to… transform our broken communities.”
Michelle, community legal worker
“This workshop has given me several tools…that are very dear to me because they open the door to a new discipline that can help our team to explore new practices and improve as we work for a common vision of helping our most disenfranchised students.”
Martin, school administrator
“I hope to carry this work forward in my work setting…and give voice to
people who do not often (or ever) find themselves in the ‘in’ group.”
Meda, therapist
This training was powerful. Placing social and emotional learning back into an important part of the academic experience in …schools is desperately needed… to close the achievement gap. School districts must have this support and understanding as they prepare students for the 21st Century. Thank you!
Linda, school district administrator